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Now Introducing Farm Memberships

Farm memberships are new this year and will be in addition to Farm Shares. The two are not the same. Farm memberships will give you the opportunity to sow into your local farm without having to spend a lot of money upfront. For a small one time membership fee (yearly), you will be able to reap the benefits of getting 10% off on EVERY purchase plus a free "pick your own bouquet of flowers experience" from our field. Farm members only will also have exclusive sale items of the week they will be able to purchase up to 50% off. We have 2 farm membership options. The first is our basic membership as described above. This is good for our spring and summer main farm season. The second membership is our All Seasons premium membership. You will get the benefits mentioned above, plus your membership will extend through the entire year including our October and December markets and will also include a discount on all pizza nights and farm to table dinners Reeves Family Farm coordinates.  (This excludes any other fundraiser events held by outside organizations for fundraising purposes.) In addition this membership can be used for Holiday pre-order meals.

Summer Season Membership
(April 26 - September 6)

All Seasons Premium Membership
(April 26 - December 21)

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