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Our Farm started small in 2006, and we grew from there.  We are a family of six with four dogs, a few barn cats, Buddy the Longhorn, Snickers and Maggie (our mini horses) and a bunch of happy, free-range, egg-producing hens. We grow vegetables and melons, and produce pasture-raised chicken eggs. We’re currently cultivating about 50 acres of vegetables and use sustainable, organic practices on the farm. There’s nothing like eating fresh, safe, real food! We love what we do! Thank you for supporting local farms!!!


What We Grow

Summer Crops:

Okra is our largest crop. We also grow different varieties of squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peppers, peas, beets, green beans, potatoes and sweet onions

Fall Crops:

Different varieties of radish, beets, tomatoes, peppers, okra, fall squash, and pumpkins. 

Winter Crops:

Kale, radish, carrots, beets, chard, spinach, broccoli, turnips, kohlrabi, fenugreek, lettuce and greens.


Spring Crops:

Radish, greens, green onions, garlic, beets, turnips and carrots.

Source from other local farms/producers:

Berries, watermelon, peaches, plums, peas and beans, milk, cheeses, breads, olive oil, soaps, honey, jams/jelly’s, granola, canned goods, elderberry syrup, probiotic drinks and more!

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