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 Reeves Family Farm's humble beginnings began in 2006 while farming only 8 acres of okra. Through the years, they have continued to add

5 to 10 acres per year, and now cultivate a wide variety on 50 acres of organically grown fruits and vegetables. 


The ultimate goal of the Reeves Family is to provide the freshest, best tasting and  highest quality food you can find. Through their years of experience of growing and eating their own food, and networking with other hard-working local farmers and artisans, the Reeves Family knows first-hand that nothing can match the superior quality of locally grown food. 


Moving to the farm has allowed the Reeves family to live and work alongside their children, giving them hands-on exposure to the workings of a farm, and hopefully creating a passion in them to carry on the Reeves Family Farm business. 


"It's wonderful to see our children eat clean, fresh vegetables

picked out of our own backyard. Our dream has always been to be able to bring that same high quality food to our community. It is truly our joy to see our great community benefiting from and enjoying the fruits of our labor! There's no greater reward for a farmer." -- Farmer Aaron

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